Why you should not end your life

Nowadays, it happens with almost everyone. We think that we're in the most miserable situation and we just want our pain to end. There's nothing wrong with wanting something like that, but do you really think that you don't have any other choice except giving up on your life? This is a small message for … Continue reading Why you should not end your life

TheCramm Award – My first award as a blogger

Well, I'm really sorry for being such a procrastinator. It's been a while since I've posted. Anyway, I was nominated for this award by Kasturee. Thanks a lot! 🙂 I really appreciate this award even though I knew nothing about blogging awards until recently. Anyway, she's a wonderful blogger, please do visit her blog. 🙂 … Continue reading TheCramm Award – My first award as a blogger


Sickening reality

The time,when even staring at the dry
wall becomes interesting.
But you notice a lonely ant carrying the bread’s remainings.

The time, when mom pressurises to study
But all you can think of is about that special ‘somebody’

The time, when you’ve gotta memorise your answers
But oh dear lord! This all seems like bonkers!

The time, when you’re supposed to pull up your socks
But hey look, you’re reading this poem and at the door the exam knocks!

P.S:I have my exams from the 4th of April and here I am, writing poems. 😂😅

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Well, it's been a while since I posted because I was too busy preparing for exams. Just like other students, I started studying about a month or two before exams. That's right! But that's common isn't it? Everybody starts preparing for exams at the last minute, right? Ever thought why this happens? Newton's revised law … Continue reading Exams